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Хики Мики
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За медь ищу что-нибудь третьегенное призовое, за призового - дикую медь.
Так же в наличии имеются два хатча Неглекта - срочно ищу обмены на вторые гены от призовых. Списки и прочее не предлагать, пожалуйста.

Если что заинтересовало - пишите в умыло, обсудим-договоримся)

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Fair Fenix
9001. 2. 3. Все драконы выросли.

1. мои 2. меняю на что нибудь из списка ... 3. отдам
Нужны кб:
Нужны 2 ген (от кб):
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Орочий питомник

тень на стене
Погладьте пожалуйста мальков
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- Чего ты молчишь? - слова подбираю.. - какие? - цензурные....
Погладьте их, пожалуйста )
а. в. с. d. е. f. Все драконы выросли.
Подарю: Обмен:

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April Release 2015

Come to the Dork Side. We have no fucking cookies.

April brings one new breed for you to ogle at. Catch them in the desert, forest, or jungle.
Anagallis Dragons

- This delicately patterned egg is sitting in the sunshine.
- Aww... It’s a cute baby dragon. It seems very friendly and loves the sunshine.
(m) (f) - And look! It has grown brightly-colored wings! It must be close to maturing.
(m) (f) - Anagallis Dragons are a medium-sized omnivorous breed. Widespread and adaptable, their easygoing nature enables them to flourish under most conditions. They are social creatures, fun-loving and outgoing, and will readily defend smaller dragons from others’ aggression. They are fond of sunshine, and can often be found basking on rocks; on cloudy or stormy days they are more reluctant to venture out, and will often hide themselves away until the weather is more favorable.

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санитар леса

с новой порцией

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Имеющая крылья
Помогите с первенцами
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Первое яйцо моих драконов. Если кому-то нужнее то, что я поймала/сбридила, могу отдать. Только скажите. :)
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Очередной фестиваль яиц =)


Погладьте дракош!

"Just like old times." (С)
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Мартовский релиз


Striped River Dragons

- A small puddle of condensation has collected under this egg.
- Aww... It’s a cute baby dragon. It’s an excellent swimmer, but can also glide through the air for short distances.
- It’s gotten much bigger, and can now fly for longer distances. It must be close to maturing.
- Striped River Dragons dwell in clear, deep-moving water. These dragons are playful and active, but wild individuals are very shy and tend to flee at the first sign of humans. They are excellent swimmers and can hold their breath for up to an hour, and are also capable of magic-powered flight for short distances. Their hoards usually consist of shells, smooth river stones, and freshwater pearls; Striped River Dragons often trade objects from their hoard and give “gifts” to dragons or people they consider to be friends. These dragons are intolerant of poor water conditions, so their presence is often an indicator of a healthy river system.

Plated Colossus Dragons

- This massive egg is covered with thick plates.
- Aww... It’s a cute baby dragon. This large hatchling is well-protected by its thick, scaly hide. It is pushy and aggressive toward other dragons.
(m) (f) - And look! It has grown wings! It must be close to maturing.
(m) (f) - Plated Colossus Dragons are one of the largest dragon species. These huge brutes are notorious bullies—they prefer to steal food from other dragons rather than finding it for themselves. As their thick hides are impervious to most forms of physical attack, Plated Colossi simply ignore the other dragons’ protests, or lash the offending dragon with their club-like tail, which can easily break a limb. Plated Colossi have slow metabolisms and do not need to eat often, but they may consume nearly half their body weight in one feeding. These dragons are not incredibly clever and any discussion with them will often center around eating.

Gemshard Dragons

- This egg is encrusted with colorful gemstones.
- Aww... It’s a cute baby dragon. It has bright, shiny scales and loves to play in the sunlight.
- And look! It’s grown a forked spade at the end of its tail and long, tufted whiskers! It must be close to maturing.
(m) (f) - Gemshard Dragons are small, gregarious, expressive easterns, living in large clans high in the jungle canopy. Their bodies are covered in tiny, gem-like scales that shimmer in direct light, and each dragon has a unique pattern of markings on the forked spade of its tail. Though Gemshard Easterns cannot fly, they often leap from springy branches high into the sky on sunny days and perform acrobatic spins and twirls to entertain themselves. When the weather turns foul, they pile up together on sturdy tree limbs and interlock the forks of their tails with others to keep warm and dry.

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Старый дракотелист

Только падая, можно понять, умеешь ли ты летать.
Если что надо с моих скроллов - обращайтесь))
запись создана: 24.02.2013 в 22:09

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Драконья сокровищница (оч нужен кб Almandine для завершения коллекции!)

But whenever you look to the stars, think of one of them as my soul. Optimus Prime

Мои дракошки)

La Vie en rose

[Аватары имеют свое собственное мнение]
Adopt one today!Спасибо всем, кто помогает малышам расти!
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Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus
Погладьте малышей, пожалуйста.
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Гори-гори, мой синий мозг, гуди, мыслительное пламя (с)
Все драконы выросли!

Спасибо за новых валентинок орагон :heart::heart::heart:
Eggs around the world
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2015-02-14 - Happy Valentine's Day


Heartstealing dragons

- This egg is so shiny it makes you want to take it.
- Aww... It’s a cute baby dragon. It doesn’t seem to like the attention its shininess attracts, but it loves shiny things.
- And look! With its new scales, it’s even shinier! It must be close to maturing.
- Heartstealing dragons are an unusual breed, named for their mating rituals. These dragons use their long, slender bodies to sneak into both human (and dragon) holds to steal things over the year. Then, when the right season hits, they give away their entire hoard as gifts, leaving things in the homes of other dragons to attract them. When these gifts are found, however, the recipients can’t always tell who gave the gifts. This receiver often assumes the source of the gift was the original owner, causing them to form friendly bonds with other dragons in the area, spreading peace—and sometimes even sparking love. The only way to know if a gift is from a Heartstealing Dragpn is to find one of their wafer-thin scales at the scene.

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Жаба-дурак. Третья еда в пятом ряду. Чиста, наивна и трепетна, как новобранец.
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Всегда с удовольствием подгребу
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Dragon Cave